About Dionysus Black

I consider myself an artist, I have interest in painting, sculpting and photography, some years ago, while trying to find a place in arts for myself, somebody ask me "What is your theme?, What inspire you?"

That question stayed in my mind for so many time, days became week, weeks became years. I was afraid to be considered narcissistic, afraid to be criticized; but then one day I realise non of that really matter, I am inspired by myself.

I got inspiration from the struggles of trying to be myself in a world with so many rules and expectations. Trying to own the bullying for being "the fat kid" or the "fem kid".

I grow older, it took me so many years to understand that what people see or want to see is now necessarily  what I am o who I am.

That is my game, that is my journey, I try to portray all the perceptions I got from others, what I think others desire, to depict others fantasy and maybe someone get who I really am in the way.

The Art of Dionysus Black

I started this series of self portraits in order to deal with my past
Used to live afraid of what other people think
Afraid of not be able to fit in

Now I celebrate I do not fit
I am glad I am different
I am happy to explore art through images
that show me but never define who I am

Because I can be anything or nothing
Is just an image
I want to be art